Please read the following policy carefully. Once booked, it is assumed that everything has been read and understood.


Dinner Menu – How it Works

Each guest can order a 2 or 5 Course Menu, depending on how they want to explore our cuisine.

The size of the portions depends on how many courses you order (i.e. in the 5-course menu, the portions are smaller, being a tasting menu).


If you like to order the 5 course menu, you have to choose the same dishes for all diners. Our concept is that you build your own tasting menu, but you will have to come to an agreement with your table 🙂

– Please note that we can only serve the same number of courses per table –


We cook everything from scratch and with fresh products. This means that sometimes you will have to wait a bit. We do not recommend our restaurant if you are in a hurry to eat.


Special dietary needs, children, dogs

Please specify in the notes if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions, children under 8 (and the age), baby carriages and/or dogs (under “Special Occasion”).
The restaurant is small, and it would be nice of you to let us know these things in advance – to better organise the tables.

In particular, the presence of dogs must be reported in advance, otherwise we cannot guarantee entry to the restaurant.


Booking confirmation and later communications

The reservation is confirmed by email. If the email did not reach you, the booking was not successful. Please make sure that your phone number and email are correct, as we may contact you regarding this reservation.


To change the table from outdoors to indoors (or vice versa), or the number of persons attending or to communicate with us, please write to us by replying to the booking confirmation email.


Credit card guarantee
We ask you to book with a small guarantee because of too many no-shows.
This procedure makes it possible to have reservations made by those who are really sure to come to our restaurant.
Of course it is always possible to cancel up to 1 day in advance.


For those who do not want to make a commitment, there is always the chance to pass as a walk-in (we recommend to give us a call beforehand to check the availability).


We look forward to welcoming you.